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About Thai Association of Singapore

The Singapore Thai Association is a non-profit organisation that supports the Thai community while encouraging a better understanding of Thai culture for the general public. We are a place where businesses, individuals and families can come together to exchange ideas and opportunities. We organise charitable activities, traditional events and networking opportunities for Thais as well as the general public.

Our Committee

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Malinee Srinara 


Malinee Srinara is the founder and Co-Director of Design 9 Pte Ltd Singapore, Design 9 Jakarta and DS9 Limited Bangkok. Malinee and has lived in Singapore for over 45 years. As Vice President of the Thai Association (Singapore), Malinee brings her deep business understanding and an ever expanding network of businesses and individuals. She uses her networking skills and business acumen to benefit the members of the Thai Association (Singapore). She was one of the original members of the Thai Association (Singapore) committee in 1997 and has now re-joined as President. 

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Pornlert Pravichphibul


Khun Pornlert has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years. He is well-known in his field for his knowledge, experience, and vast network. His linguistic ability in Thai, Mandarin Chinese and English enables him to cover many markets in his profession.

Khun Pornlert has been with the Thai Association (Singapore) for over 17 years. With his business contacts, a link to the business community is permanently established. His leadership and negotiation skill are valuable attributes for the association to meet its objectives.

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Pacheun Maleipan (Mita)


Pacheun Maleipan, also known as Mita Kelder, is a successful business woman, entrepreneur and photographer. Having lived in Singapore for 17 years, Mita has been a part of the Thai Association (Singapore) since 2007. She has written for publications such as Mother's Digest and Baby's Digest and uses her communication and networking skills as well as her entrepreneurial background to help the Thai Association (Singapore). She is highly sought after for her professional photography services and advice in business services. Helping to support the community, Mita brings a range of knowledge to the Thai Association (Singapore). 

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Apinya Foo


Apinya Foo is a self-made entrepreneur who has worked tireless to support the Thai Association (Singapore). Ten years ago Apinya founded the highly successful food and beverage outlet, Mookata, expanding the concept to several locations. She then successfully sold her business and now works on various projects. She has been a volunteer at the Thai Association (Singapore) for over five years. She now joins the committee, sharing her business building knowledge, dedication and worth ethic with the members of the community.


Udomlak Maule


Udomlak Maule has been a resident of Singapore for 13 years where she lives with her family. She brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing both from her prior work roles as well as university studies. In Bangkok, she worked for the International Economic Relations Department at the Thai Development Research Institute (TDRI). In 2014, Udomlak served as Secretary for Thai Association (Singapore) and after a brief break she has rejoined us in the same role. Udomlak loves to volunteer, helping out at several Singapore not-for-profit organisations. She brings her volunteer experience and strong work ethic to the community.

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Wanna Niticherdchoo 


Wanna Niticherdchoo is a founder and managing director of L’eSpace Design Pte Ltd. She has worked with clients in major cities across the world. A resident of Singapore since 1998. Wanna has a B.A. (Architecture) in Interior Architecture from Ladkrabang University, Bangkok. She has served on the committee of the Thai Association (Singapore) continually since 2014 and shares her graphic design skills and wealth of business knowledge with the community.


Upcoming & Past Events

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